I Shall Always Love You – Book Review

I intended to make the best of the last few days of my holidays before I go back to, read, dive into, the last semester of my Master’s.

After attempting to rewrite the first draft of my first novel, I decided to take the last week off and read some light hearted romance and I chose:

Here’s my review:

The Beginning:

To be perfectly honest, the beginning didn’t take me hook, line and sinker.

The first few paragraphs of the story seem to drag with philosophical and rhetorical question which made me desperate for the start of the story.

Initially, the characters Shiv, Arjun and Saloni seemed like a typical love triangle which I wasn’t really looking forward to.

But I persisted because, hey, I already had the kindle book. So, why not? And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Plot

The reincarnation concept is not a new one in Indian literature. Yet, I loved it just the same. The two dimensions are very well written. And once you get past the first part the second part will have you hooked. The mystery of treasure and kidnapping in the latter part is very intriguing.

The Characters

The characters in the previous incarnation had much depth. However, in the present incarnation the characters fall flat and seem like the well endowed upper class urban youth. Their recollection of the past is the only thing of intrigue. However, once the past lives are explained, they do start to make sense.

The Writing

I thought that in some parts, the voice would change from past to present. But the story had a good continuity. And as previous mentioned, the plot was engaging.

The history and the art aspect of the story is described beautifully without making it seem like an art lesson.

Final Word

I would definitely recommend this book to a romance lover, who wants a plot in the story. This was definitely my cup of tea. And the author does a great work with the story.


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