Book Review: Once Upon A Genie

I am not good at formal reviews. I will go into informal aspects of a book review, aka, personal reflection or rather, my fangirling. Well, as much fangirling as I can without giving up the plot of the book.

Name: Once Upon a Genie

Author: Durriya Kapasi

Publication: Half Baked Beans

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

First Glance:

I love reading. If there had been any doubts about the fact. The first book I ever read was a fantasy. And my favourite book is a fantasy. So, while I try to not hold favourites while coming to genres, Fantasy is close to my heart. Simply put, I was very to read this book.

Did it live up to the expectations? Yes, it did.

If you didn’t get it by now, the book is about Genies. A new perspective to the world of Genies or Jinns or Djinns – however you spell them.

(Quirk: The subtle references to Aladdin’s Genie give you tickles. At least, if you’ve grown up watching the show or reading Arabian Nights)

I loved the cover and the blurb. Gives the glimpse of the plot, a plot-twist but not spoilers beyond that.

In-Depth Plot: I like the premise of the novel. The Genie land and the blend with the human world plays and important role in the development of the plot. It is moderate paced. Doesn’t make you feel like, “Wait – what but now it was there?” Neither it makes you feel irritated by the slow pace. I liked it. I would have liked more depth in the genie land, but I guess, that the plot doesn’t really demand it. Also, I think the sequel will answer to my wishes — notice, what I did there? Wishes… Genie pun… No? Okay.

Yes, a sequel. The end of the book completely clarifies that there are many loose ends to be tied, especially, the one plot twist of the story I didn’t even expect. So, there is going to be a sequel. I sure do hope so it is soon.

Characters: I am more of a character person. I think an average plot does wonders when characters are good and in this department, I was not at all disappointed. Daisy is curious and lovable. She has her quirks and I like her. As she is the voice of the novel, I could easily become her while exploring this supernatural world with a hot hunk of a genie.

Darren is that best friend who will be there for you. Always. (Snape and Peeta reference) I fell in love with him over the course of the book. I know, the popular choice would be Khalil, and I completely understand as Khalil has that rogue charm and that cocky confident attitude that is appealing along with the mystery of being paranormal. But I love Darren.

Besides that, I love the way all three characters mentioned in the blurb evolve into a better version of themselves within the journey of 21 chapters.

Would I recommend this book?


Emotions as soon as I kept down the book?

Sweet melancholy.

How long did you take to finish the book?

If I did not have to act like a responsible adult, one day. But as I had exams and assignments due. Three days. The book compels you to read it. Trust me. Or trust Khalil. Seriously.

Link to the book:




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